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Springfield, Missouri, to Vote on Cannabis Decriminalization!

by • August 2, 2012 • Blog

Missouri the Show-Me State

Cannabis activists in Springfield, Missouri, have worked hard to put cannabis decriminalization on the November ballot. Let’s help them achieve an important victory this November!

Just got word from activists on the ground that Springfield, Missouri, residents will be voting on whether to decriminalize personal amounts of cannabis this November.  The Springfield City Clerk just notified the Show-Me Cannabis activists that the city had certified 2,130 signatures, more than the 2,101 signatures needed, with over a day to spare!  While it is possible that the Springfield City Council will pass the measure outright, it is much more likely that the council will refer the measure to the voters.  A sincere thanks to the many activists that put in the work and sacrificed during the blistering Missouri summer to put real cannabis law reform on the ballot.

As I have previously blogged, the National Cannabis Coalition is proud to have donated over $3,000 to this important signature drive, an effort that will have people in Middle America talking about cannabis law reform.  Hopefully, this measure will spark a state-wide effort in Missouri as well as help convince other cities and state’s to follow suit.

Columbia, Missouri, demonstrated that cannabis decriminalization can be accomplished in the heartland and NCC will be supporting the Springfield effort every step of the way to help these activists achieve victory this November.  Springfield, Missouri’s third-largest city is a very conservative city in the middle of the Bible Belt, so cannabis law reform probably won’t be achieved easily.  However, victory in this conservative city will provide a blueprint and hope for cities throughout the country who may not have thought such reform was possible.

Please consider making a donation to NCC so that we can assist Springfield achieve an important victory, as well as help other important causes and candidates across the country.


Sensible Washington Announces 2013 Initiative To End Cannabis Prohibition
Posted by Johnny Green at 6:20 PM on July 30, 2012 Ending Marijuana Prohibition Add comments

Sensible Washington’s Proposed Initiative Will Be Similar To I-1149 And I-1068
By Sensible Washington

The non-profit political organization Sensible Washington announced recently that they will be running a statewide initiative to repeal adult cannabis prohibition in Washington State, to be filed in January, 2013, as an Initiative to the People.

Similar to last year’s I-1149, and 2010′s I-1068, this initiative would repeal the civil and criminal penalties related to adult cannabis use and possession. It would remove cannabis from the state’s list of controlled substances, without altering legal penalties for minors and for those driving while under the influence. Sensible Washington is taking input from the community on any potential alterations to the initiative language.

Preparation for this initiative, including volunteer recruitment, will begin immediately.

“We’re confident in the base and infrastructure that we’ve built over the past several years. We have thousands of volunteers throughout the state, and they want us to run. They want to give the public a true alternative to prohibition and the many harms associated with it,” said Sensible Washington in a recent press release, “We have the volunteer power, and fundraising potential, to get this done, and we’re confident that if given the opportunity, the voters of Washington State will vote to repeal the socially and economically devastating policy of cannabis prohibition.”

Since their inception in 2010, Sensible Washington has garnered the endorsements of individuals such as Seattle’s former Chief of Police Norm Stamper and Washington State Representative Roger Goodman, as well as organizations such as the Washington State Democratic Party and NORML (the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws).

In November, 2012, voters in Washington State will be deciding the fate of another marijuana measure, Initiative 502. Sensible Washington plans to continue forth whether or not it passes, “Initiative 502 has caused a massive rift in the cannabis reform community and we want to give people a viable alternative”, said Sensible Washington regarding this issue, “If it[I-502] fails in November, we want to assure the public that moving forward, there’s an option available in our state for legalizing cannabis. If I-502 does pass, cannabis would remain a Schedule I drug alongside heroin, which we’re not comfortable with and will work towards correcting.”

After filing in January, Sensible Washington would have until early July to collect the necessary signatures to put this initiative on the November, 2013 general election ballot.